Painful Memories

These days are getting stranger and stranger.

After Jade had kissed my cheek and walked away, I had stood in the hall staring after her with my mouth open, looking like a total idiot. Are you serious? A beautiful girl just told you that she likes you and kissed you, and what do you do? Stand there. Idiot.

"Shut up," I told myself irritably, then sank down and rested my head in my hands. There was just too much going on now. My emotions were going crazy. I remembered the look that Ally had given me the day that the science lesson had gone horribly wrong. Her eyes had been so full of understanding and sympathy. Somehow, her sympathy hurt me more than her apathy.

And now, Jade... what was I going to tell her? What could I tell her? Sorry, we can't be together because I'm still in love with a girl who's been dead for two years. Oh yeah, and I might kill you in a fit of rage. Sorry.

"Oh, Laura," I whispered. "I'm so, so sorry. I'm so sorry-" And then I broke down and cried.

The End

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