Things seemed different when we got back to school. Ally and Jerry seemed to have relaxed around each other a bit and I was glad to think that they were finally on the same page. Ethan, of course, hadn't given up the staring and, ever since the fight at the restaurant, I swear the looks he was giving were becoming more and more hate-filled.

But the change that bothered me most was Jade.

Ever since the restaurant she seemed intent on following Ally and Jerry's every move. It was as if being friends suddenly wasn't enough for her; almost as if she was working a different angle now all together. I hated myself for thinking it, afterall, what had she ever done to me? But for some reason I couldn't quite place, I just couldn't relax when she was around.

Then there was the english lesson.

As usual I sat with Ally, Jerry and Nick; joined now by Jade, who seemed to be around more and more frequently. Ethan as always was giving our table the most evil glare he could muster. Then something odd happened. Completely out of the blue Jade turns around and shouts at Ethan to stop staring at us. Don't get me wrong, maybe she was genuinely standing up for Ally, but it seemed to me that she was trying a little too hard....

The End

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