Jotting and Watching

I watched and noted down everything I knew about Ally and Jerry. I also did some notes on Nick, and how he was trying to get them together. I smiled at the three pages I had got. Throughout English, I listened in to convosations to find out stuff. Total of five pages by the end of the lesson.  They sure can talk. I smiled at the thought of Ethan being impressed at the infomation. I saw that he was death staring Ally. She had noticed. I bit my lip, and the teacher left th classroom.

Sorry about this Ethan. Please forgive me. I thought. I turned and winked at Ethan. he gulped as I frowned, and exclaimed, "Ethan, stop staring at us! Seriously!" Ally and her friends relax after I had said that. They truated me now. At the end, Ethan and I were the last ones to leve. The teacher had left, and we were packing our stuff away. Just as we came to the door, Ethan pinned me to the wall, his arms up either side of me, so I couldn'y escape.

"Why did you shout at me in class?!" he growled. I put a finger on his lips, and touched my forehead to his. "You and I were both staring at Ally. If she figured that out, the both of us would be cooked, and I woul be ale to get any info for you. And I want to get the info for you, coz....never mind." I sighed, and went to duck under his arms, but he held me fast. He looked into my eyes, looking slightl curious but worried.

"Coz what? Why do you want to get my the info?" He asked me. I gulped. I put a hand on his shoulder, closed my eyes and sighed. "If I tell you, will you let me go?" I asked softly. He gave a nod.

"Beacause I care. For you. I told a friend of mine, she thinks I'm crazy, and need my head checked out. She said why would  popular, pretty girl like me want a guy like you. I slapped her for that." I whispered, so he could barely hear. I kissed his cheek lightly, and ducked away, out of the door.

The End

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