Looks and Trips

School wasn't exactly what I would call 'productive' any more. I still got continuous glares from Ethan, and occasional trips from someone that I would turn around and never see. This was getting pathetic. What had I done that was so bad to him? Sure, I laughed when Jerry accidently spilt purple stuff on his book, but does that make me deserve enough hatred to swallow you up and eat you whole?

It obviously does if Ethan hates me now.

Then, the day came where I was walking through the hall alone, and got tripped, I fell backwards and a pair of warm hands caught me. "Are you alright?" Jerry's voice asked, cautiously. I turned to see Jerry grinning, his hands still holding me which made me slightly uneasy with a cupple of people watching.

"I'm fine." I replied, pulling my bag higher onto my shoulder and wiping my face with my hands.

"I hope so, you are getting pretty clumsy these days," he chuckled. "Well, off to English, come on." He took my hand and pulled me along to English, where stares appeared from people I didn't even know. I attempted to ignore them, climbing the stairs and letting go of Jerry's hand when Mrs Higgins caught sight of it.

We walked into the classroom where I sat next to Julianna and Jerry at the back of the classroom. Occasionaly Jerry would natter to Nick and I would whisper to Julianna and Jade. Jade didn't seem so friendly with me any more, she watched my every move when I spoke to Jerry, but when I caught her gaze she just began working again.

It was like she hated me, but pretended to like me. I didn't like this. I wanted people to treat me as I would treat them. Who am I kidding, I sound like a teacher. But still, all of these bad looks is sickening. I'm fed up of this. I hate it.

The End

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