My House At 6?

I woke a while later, and I answered the phone.


"Hey Jade. It's Ethan."

"Heya hun! What's shaking?"

"Heh. I need you to find out all you can about Ally and Jerry. That fine?"

"Yeah. don't really like Ally, nd Jerry is getting on my nerves. Heavily."

"Yeah, and about the date.....when, where?

"My house at 6 on Tuesday. I'll pay for chinese or something. When we see each other, I'll give you all the info I can on Jerry and Ally. Is that ok with you boss?"

"Got it. see you then. nd don't talk to me at school. Those two might get suspicious of something."

"Okay. Bye."  I hung up, and hugged myself. I idn't know what he was planning, but Ethan had me hooked. I smiled, and jotted down everything I already knew on Ally and Jerry.

The End

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