You ok???

I sat in my room, wondering what to do. Jerry and Ally were awesome, but Ethan was so upset and angry. Totally obvious that he liked Ally. I was closer to Ethan than I was to Jerry and Ally. I decided that I woud help Ethan. He ws planning something. I could feel it.

I dialed the number. I bit my lip, and sighed. The phone began to ring. "Hello?" Eathan's voice came down the phone.

"Hey Ethan." I gave a little smile. He was grouchy, but I didn't blame him. Jerry recked his book the other week.

"What do you  want?" he asked.

"I know you've got something planned silly. You know how good I am at relationships, seeing strait through people, etc etc."

"Yeah, yeah, I get your point. But you won't help me unless there're something in this for you. that's your deal usually."

"Hmmm...what would I want from Ethan? 'bout...a date?"

"You WHAT?!"

"Aw, c'mon! Grab a chinese, talk for a bit, gone. Try it. You might even enjoy yourself. This is all I'm asking. Its pretty cheap deal."

"*sigh* Fine. One chance. You better be good for this."

"If you wanna deal with Ally, Jerry, Nick, Julianna, etc, it depends who it is."

"Got it. I'll get in contact with you to give you more infomation." He hung up after that. I smiled to myself, and put on my face mask. I laid down, and fell to sleep giggling to myself. Everyone sid I had a gift with this sort of thing. I get more infomation thaan anyone else in the school. If a teacher is gonn get fire, and one of the first to know about it. Any relationship going on, I know about it. If anyone need something doing properly, they come to me. 

The End

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