A promise with a life

I smiled after I closed the door from the rain, then shook off my coat and hung it up, turning to see my mother tapping her foot. "Where have you been?" she asked, "It's already," she paused and checked her watch, "10:00." 

I sighed, "Sorry, my um...bus was late." she looked at me confused and I began to walk up the stairs, "I'm tired, I've already eaten. Good night mom," I called, running up the stairs to my bedroom, shutting the door. 

Weekend, finally.

I stood against the door, and looked over to my computer to see a new conversation on msn messenger. I hesitated, then smiled and ran over to the computer desk, sitting down. I clicked open the conversation and read:

Jerry: Little wet are we?

I smiled.

Ally: Yep. Maybe I should have a shower...you?

Jerry: Very. 

i laughed and began typing again.

Ally: So...how are you?

Jerry: Very well thank you, how about you dear Alice?

Ally: Perfect. Despite being so wet and uncomfortable. Mind if I take a shower? I'll call you afterwards I promise.

Jerry: That's fine, I'll speak to you afterwards. Bye Ally :)

Ally: Cya, Jerry xx :P

With that I logged off and had a warm shower, a singing one to which Is a good sign. Then, with a towel wrapped around my body and another around my head, I ran to my phone and sat on my bed, dialling Jerry's number. 

"That was quick," he laughed. I smiled to myself.

"I wanted to speak to you." 

"About what?" 

"I don't know...about Ethan...i'm terrified Jerry. It's like he wants to kill me." Jerry paused.

"Well, he's not getting near you. I promise."


"...With my life." Suddenly there was a knock on my bedroom door. 

"I have to go Jerry, bye!" I quickly hung up just after I heard a quiet, 'I love you' that I took no notice of. 

Thinking about it now...I wish I had.


The End

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