What Ethan Said - Jerry

"What did Ethan say to you?" I asked.
Ally opened her mouth to reply, and then closed it.
"Not much" She finally said.
"You want to tell me?" I asked her.
"Maybe." She finally said.
We drove back to her house in silence.
I considered asking her again, but I would seem pushy.
Finally, we arrived outside her house, and she finally told me.
"He asked me where I was going in a horrible tone of voice. I said I needed the toilet."
"Go on"
"Then he said..." She paused. "He told me to drown myself in it."
"That's horrible!" I exclaimed. "Next time I see him, he'd better watch out!"
"That's why I didn't tell you earlier, because you would have attacked him." I saw a small tear drop down he face. She quickly wiped it away.
"I've got to go now, Jerry." She said. "Bye."
"Bye then."
She got out and ran to her house. She opened the door, and went inside. As she turned to close the door, I got a glimpse of her face. The face I loved.
It had tears running down it.
I put my head in my hands.
Why did this have to happen this way?
Why couldn't it work out the way it should, instead of this twisted, painful way?
It shouldn't go like this.
Life isn't like this.

The End

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