The Restaurant - Jerry

As we tottered around the centre, our money slowly drained, as we bought various items.
After a lengthy period of buying, we went into a small resteraunt, ordered a few drinks, and sat and drank.
After a few minutes, I noticed that Ethan had followed us in. Ally got up and declared she needed the toilet. She walked away from our table and to the toilets. On the way she had her second run in with Ethan.
As she walked past him, he said something under his breath.
"Guys," I said, and our table fell silent. I pointed over to where Ethan and Ally were conversing. We couldn't hear what was being said, but Ally didn't look to happy. Then we saw Ethan snap something at her, and look at her angrily. I got up and walked over. Nick and Julianna followed after a short while.
"This guy bothering you?" I said, as I put a hand on Ally's shoulder. For once she didn't shake it off.
"Try the other way around." Ethan growled.
"What do you want Ethan?" Ally asked. "Is this about the science thing, cause we said sorry."
Ethan got up.
"You know, I've had enough of you two. Always making stupid jokes, and laughing. You always have friends, and you just drive me up the wall. Why can't I have friends like you? It's not fair!" He said. Nick and Julianna had caught up with us at this point.
"What's going on here?" Nick asked.
"I don't know, Ethan's just having a go at me!" I complained. It seems that that was the wrong thing to say.
"I am here!" Ethan said, and pushed me into a table.
The restaurant had fallen silent by this point.
Just what we needed.
"What's up, Joker?" Ethan said. "Too scared to fight me?"
"I don't want to fight you, Ethan"
"Is that so?" He replied. Everyone was still staring.
Nick looked around and said;
"What are you looking at, there's nothing to see here!" Conversations started up again, but still people gave us a few curious looks.
"Look, I'm sorry for whatever we have done to you, but this is a little uncalled for Ethan." Ally said. Ethan sat back down, looking sad.
"Go away."
We obliged. Nick, Julianna, and I walked back to our table, to finish our drinks, and Ally went to the toilet.
From that point on, Ethan blatantly tried to ignore us.
And that was the second time we had hurt Ethan.

The End

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