Mind If I Join?

I saw Jerry walk into the women's clothing shop. I slapped my hand over my mouth, to stop myself from falling in fits of giggles. I calmed down, and saw he was with Nick, Ally and Julliana. I went over to them a bit later. Ally waved. I walked with them for a while, untill I saw Ethan. He was alone.

"Guys, i'll catch up with you later. I grabbed Nick's arm before I left. I whispered in his ear. "Good luck with Ally and Jerry. Oh, and its sooooooo obvious that you like Julliana." I giggled, and walked off. Nick shook his head, and I saw him blush a little. I smiled, and walked towards Ethan.

"Mind if I join you for a bit?" I asked. He grumbled, then nodded. We talked for a while while we walked. I noticed that Ally and the others were in front. Ethan glanced at them every no and again. If they went up stairs, so did he. I felt a little suspicious. I left Ethan, and ran ahead to Julliana. I coughed. She was leading. She turned her head, and I told her my suspicions. She nodded, and thanked me. She glanced back, and sure enough, Ethan was there.  Julliana, I and the others stopped at a fast food place, and Ethan came in a short while after.

"I tell ya, that kid is up ta something! And I don't like whatever it is." I whispered to them all. We talked for a while. I told them I would keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary, and left. They left too, and guess who followed....

The End

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