Confidence at last

The time at the cinema was a bit of a blur when I woke up the next morning. My head pounded and the only images I coud conjure up were of me vomitting; Ally's worried face and, oddly enough, Nick's arm around my waist.

It was like a hangover.

I groaned, dragging myself out of bed. I had no plans for the day and I was honestly glad of this, I looked forward to a day vegging out infront of the tv. Mostly, I got what I wanted. What was a surprise though, was when Nick appeared on my doorstep.

Nick?   On my doorstep?

I started to worry if I may have done something I shouldn't have the night before. I was relieved to find out the reason for his sudden appearance was simply to ask me to the shopping centre with him and the others. I told him I would ask my parents and text him later.

So that's how I found myself at the shopping centre with Ally, Jerry and Nick. It actually began surprisingly well. Ally and Jerry seemed to be like themselves for a little while. And I must admit it was hilarious when Jerry walked right into a women's clothes store. I even took over after a while and I found myself wondering why I had ever been so scared of this. Of taking control.

That's when I realised just how happy I really was. Being with Ally had really changed me. Not in the way that people change to unnecassarily impress people, but in a way that I liked.

I had friends.

I was happy.

And finally I was more confident in myself.

The only hitch to our day... was when Ethan turned up.

The End

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