A day out.

it was sunday.the day we all had agreed to meet at the shopping centre.We were all there except jerry who we were waiting for.He came along then and looked quite nervous.To prove that point he suddenly walke dinto a womens store,coming straight out again as he realised.

Then julliana took over control.Telling us where we should go and we just followed.I was in awe of her at that moment.She was leader of the pack.I must have been dreaming inside my head and not paying attention because the next second jullianas fingers are clicking in front of my face.Sorry i mumbled.

we were joined by jade.She wispered in my ear.she said it was obvious to her that i liked julliana.i told her to keep it quite.We all went into a food place.I got fish and chips.I noticed that ethan was still following us.When we left he came too.I realised he was planning something,something big.I really hoped he was not going to try and attack us.

It got late and so ally and jerry left home.I talked to julliana a bit and then went home myself.i wish things could go quicker between us but i want to make sure the bond grows not suddenly forced open.The only reason i was trying to get nick with ally was because he didnt want to wait too long and he was desperate.I thought about the day,and thought what can i do to get her to go somewhere just the two of us simply hanging out.She might catch on if i do.What a day it has been.I still hope ethan doesn't hold his grudge for too much longer.in the restaurant he shared angry words with ally then pushed jerry into a table.I hope it doesnt get worse.

The End

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