Shopping Centre

My eyes sweeped around, until I found what I was looking for.
Ally, Nick and Julianna.
I bounded up to them.
"Hey!" I smiled.
They turned and greeted me. Nick was cool and calm, Julianna was a little nervous, as always, and Ally was also nervous.
"Well, where to first?" I asked.
"I dunno, I don't usually go shopping." Nick told me.
There was a few seconds of akward silence.
"Lets go in this shop!" I cried, as I pointed to the shop we were standing next to. I walked in.
"No! Don't go in there Jerry!" Ally shouted.
Almost immediatly I walked out, my ears burning.
"Next time, remind me if I'm going to walk into a womens clothing shop." I said.
A few giggles.
"Well I think that you would look good in a dress." Julianna said.
Ally laughed her amazing laugh.
"No. I have had too many bad experiences like that" I said, and gave Ally a look.
She laughed harder.
For a moment it was like it was before with Ally and I.
Nick and Julianna shot us a confused look.
"Nevermind, it's a story I want to forget." I shuddered.
For once, Julianna took the lead.
She told us where we should go, and just made us follow her.
She was changing, and I found myself just enjoying the day. I didn't need to pretend or anything around Ally today. It was just a day out.
I turned, and I saw Ethan, coming out of a shop. My smile faded, but then I realised that we didn't need to come near him at all, he might not have even realised we were here.
I was wrong, and he gave me a peircing stare that said "Come near me, and I will kill you"
This might be harder than I thought.

The End

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