Love Sucks

As I lay on my bed the night after the film, I thought about everything.
About Ally, and everything she had said to me.
I thought about that boy, Ethan, and the dirty looks we kept getting.
I thought about what was going to happen on monday.
Gosh I hated myself for what happened.
I knew how to behave, and I kept telling myself not to move too quickly.
But everytime I saw her, my heart burst with pain, and love.
A want to protect her. To hold her. To keep her forever.
It was just so hard to resist.
Why couldn't I be like Nick with girls?
Gosh love sucks sometimes.
I closed my eyes, and painted in my head a perfect moment, with Ally and myself.
We sat in a large feild. It was sunny.
Ally and I held hands. We were laughing.
I drifted off to sleep, thinking of her.

The next day, I was invited to go to the shopping centre with Ally, Nick and Julianna.
I accepted, of course, any chance to be near to Ally is a chance worth taking.
I just wished she felt like I felt.

The End

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