A love unveiled.

As i lay in bed that night a swirl of emotions and thoughts came into my mind.I thought about the day and how it had gone.The cinema,jerry and ally.

Then suddenly i thought of julliana.Her smile,her face everything about her,it all captured my mind.And amongst all those pictures one word came to mind.Love.I realised i was falling in love with her.Love is such a powerful emotion.You want to grip onto it and never let go.It was so unexpected.I just lay there paralised by my own thoughts.

Then I thought,how should i go about this.I decided i would go to ally and jerry first.I would invite them to come to the shopping centre around lunch time.Then i would ask julliana if she wanted to come,spend more time together to grow our bond and be gradual about it.The more i thought of it i drifted into myself.Lulled to sleep by my own mind.

The next day i went nextdoor to ask ally about coming to the shopping centre.we both agreed on the next day.Next i went to jerry's house.He seemed a little reluctant at first but then i said ally would be there he jumped at it.

Then,the hardest part,julliana.I went to her house.I tried to keep myself very calm and casual.When she answered the door she seemed surprised to see me.I told her that me,ally adn jerry were going out tomorow and were wondering if she wanted to come.She told me she would ask her parents and text me later.So now all i had to do was wait.I was very surprised myself at how calm i remained.

The End

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