The plan

The first week at school was finished.Ally seemed so distant recently.Almost like something had happened and she wasn't sure how to react.She drifted on day after day.Barely eating or talking.I began to worry for her.

Then all of a sudden she was getting better,eating again,talking and being her same,usual self.Almost.

Then i was asked if I wanted to go to see paranormal activity with ally,jerry and julliana.I accepted.

Later that same day Jerry introduced himself to me.He said he had heard i was good with girls.He told me he had "girl problems".i agreed to help.I said that he should ask her out again after the cinema.Just the two of them somewhere where he can talk to her so cinema was out of the question.

I told him we would need ear pieces and microphones so I could direct him on his date.I went for the least suspicious ones i could find.The cinema seemed to go well until julliana got sick.I warned jerry to not take it too fast.

Then both the girls were back out of the toilets.Ally said something about taking julliana out to the fresh air.I jumped in and said I would take her.Now jerry and ally had a moment with each other.When We were outside i wondered what was going on in there.I waited for a bit.

Then they both came out.Jerry didnt look like it had gone too well.By the looks of it I guessed that ally had told jerry that she wanted to be only friends.I think that might crush jerry a bit.He wont give up hope though.Not until death do i think he would give up on her.

I still can't get my mind off that defeated look in his eyes though.Then he told me what had happened.My guess had been right.I told him not to give up and there might still be a chance.We all went home in silence.We parted ways at our turns.

I tried to talk to ally but she seemed a little bit shut into herself.I thought best to leave it until she feels better.

The End

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