Julianna! Are you okay?!

When I spoke to Nick on the bus back home, he said he'd be happy to come. But it looked a little like he was up to something. 

Suddenly everything went fast, and I was sitting in the cinema next to Jerry and Nick, Julianna on the other side of Nick. Slowly looking down, I noticed that Jerry's arm was resting on my left arm rest, turned upwards as if he wanted me to take his hand. I then awkwardly looked to my right to see Nick's hand turned upwards also. 

Were they planning something? What were they trying to do? Ignoring their hands, I looked up at the screen and watched.

"Put your gun down or I'm gonna' blow your fricken head off!" A large man said, holding a black gun at another man who said:

"No you put your gun down or I'll blow your fricken head off!" stupidly. Another man entered in a black coat and black hat.

"Both of you put your guns down or i'll blow both of your fricken heads off!" Bang! All heads of off.

Then looking to my right I saw Julianna charging out of the cinema room into the ladies toilets. I got out of my seat and followed her, Nick And Jerry running after me and mumbling things behind me quietly. 

I ran into the bathroom after her to see her being sick in the toilet. She looked so ill, and she was crying.

"Julianna! Are you okay?!" I asked.


The End

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