To say I have no idea what happened that night would be a lie, I'd seen it coming; the day when Jerry finally told her how he felt. I could have been wrong, but the awkwardness that followed over the next week just seemed to prove my instincts right:

He had told her, and she hadn't been able to say the same back.

I felt quite sad for them really...for him. It had been so obvious to me, but somehow it was though everyone else had missed it. Especially Ally. The first day wasn't too bad, although lunch was extremely awkward thanks to the two of them not really talking. After that their relationship just seemed to be on a downward spiral. Ally even stopped talking to me after a while.

But I knew it wasn't me who was upsetting her.

And one look at Jerry's pained expression only furthered my insignificance to the situation. I tried to get on with him, I did. But he seemed so focussed on what he'd done wrong that I wasn't sure he really noticed the effort I was making. After a full week of trying to cheer Jerry up..and failing. She came back.

It was nice to see her again; I was honestly starting to worry that her leaving was more permanent than I'd thought. That I'd already picked my side and wouldn't be able to talk to her again. But she was back...and Jerry didn't waste a moment:

"Hey, so now that your talking and...eating again. I was wondering if you wanted to see a movie with me this Saturday?"

I almost cursed Jerry for asking her out so soon, it only took a minute before he was asking her to go and see 'love-tied' with him. I could sense her awkwardness like an energy; swallowing the whole table in its glow. But she met him halfway and for that I was glad. As much as Jerry and I had never really clicked I didn't want him to be hurt.

"Um...no. No romance. What about...Paranormal Activity?" she asked.

"That's a horror...isn't it?" he asked uneasily.

"Yeah, it's perfect. We should get a bunch of people to go,"she turned to me, "wanna' come?"

I said yes of course, and just to help ease her nerves a little I offered to bring along Nick. I wasn't sure about the situation to be honest, it was clear to all of us now how Jerry felt about her, but no-one could be entirely sure what she was trying to accomplish with this. Regardless though, I was glad she'd made this effort.

Maybe we could be one happy family afterall...

Another look at Jerry's fallen expression though, and I wasn't quite so sure.

The End

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