Tick. Tick. Tick. Yet again another almost perfect book record for Juliana. It was nice to see she was finally venturing out of her own lines a little. I had seen her walking around with Ally Prior and Jerry... heavens I can't remember his last name. Not suprising, I never see his parents, I don't think they bother to show up for the teacher and parent evenings.

Well anyway as long as her grades keep up its nice to see her getting along socialy aswell. Not that Jerry and Ally were bad students particularly but they didn't focus as much and could be a little disruptive. I've learnt by now that seperating them into different groups doesn't work. Jerry will only find a way to Ally anyway. I put Juliana and Ethan into their group to try and level them out. It seemed to have worked over the last week Ally has been very quiet.

Oh Ethan. I tutted at the large purple stain from work with starch chemicals a week back. Hes always so careful normally. I wrote a small note beside the stain.

Ethan I told you to be very careful with the chemicals! I don't want to see mess like this again please.

I was worried about Ethan. He hadn't been turning up for the private councilling I had offered him. The school was quite aware he had some small underlying issues but I wanted to help him get through any issues that maybe bothering him as happily as possible.

He used to turn up early for them, it was a quite place he could just set free anything and relax. Now only talked to me when I asked for an answer in lessons. I think he felt a little betrayed. A term or two ago he had come to a session early and found his counciling file. I think he had been under the impression that nothing discussed was recorded and only I would know it.

Records are nessasary though. I talk to alot of the kids and if the school gets a new councillor they must have access to files. They also help us detect if they have depression or other mental problems. Nobody but I would have seen them and parents would only be notifyed if something was deeply wrong but I think he thought I had it on file everyone to look at.

"Karran do you have five minutes?" The principle popped his head round the side of my door.

"Oh, Hello Mark. Is everything ok?"

"My throats a little dry from yelling but yes." He sighed and sat with me.

"Who was it this time?" I hate it when he gets all tiered out like this, so I stand and place my hands soothingly on his shoulders.


"Ever thought of giving the kids a break. All this anger isn't good for you." I let my hands slide a little further towards the front of his shoulders and close my body in a bit. Glaring at his wedding ring which sat taunting me.

"I can't. You know they wouldn't make the effort not to be sent to me if I wasn't tough." He quickly stood. "Anyway I wanted to ask you if your comming on the term annual staff night out this week?"

"Of course." I smile back letting my hands flop reluctantly back to my sides.

"Well I shall see you there." He waved as he left. Why are all the good ones married I had to ask myself before returning to marking.

The End

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