Paranormal Activity

I froze after we both hung up. I literally froze, my hand still held the phone to my ear and I couldn't move. I was sitting upright, stuck to my bed.

What did he mean he likes me? That means I have to go to school tomorrow and confront him. What if I pull a sicky, that would be a good idea. But that means when I go back to school he'll be asking where i've been. 

I slammed the phone down hard and sighed heavily, sulking my face into my hands. 

School the next day was actual hell. I sat with him in science, while Julianna and Ethan sat in front of us. He greeted me happily, but the only thing I could manage was a nod. I felt so bad, I hadn't laughed in so long.

I felt so awkward at lunch. I didn't speak to either Julianna or Jerry. I even passed the liquorice and I adore the stuff. This was so complicated, I had no idea what to say to him. We'd been friends for years, I didn't know he had feelings for me though. 

We didn't say goodbye that day. In fact it got to the point where I stopped talking to everyone. Why did he like me? This just didn't make any sense! After one week of complete loneliness, I sat at his table with Julianna and said a small but happy, "Hello." he grinned. 

After chatting with him, he broke the ice. "Hey, so now that your talking and...eating again. I was wondering if you wanted to see a movie with me this Saturday?" I watched his finger tapping the table consistently. I nodded. "You know we could see um...Love Tied?" he grinned.

" No romance. What about...Paranormal Activity?" I asked.

"That's a horror...isn't it?" he asked uneasily.

"Yeah, it's perfect. We should get a bunch of people to go," I turned to Julianna, "wanna' come?" I asked. She smiled and nodded happily. "I'll ask my friend Nick to come too."

The End

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