Unexpectingly Short School Day

I couldn't help but stare, I know it was so mean and it was impolite but his eyes were like magnets, drawing me in. At that point none of us were laughing, only Jennifer and Jerry were mumbling things to eachother occasionaly.

It looked like Ethan was in pain. I yearned to go over and say sorry for laughing at him, but he looked so crushed by desolation that it was impossible to speak to such a pained face. It looked like someone he knew had died.

I forced myself to look away, gazing down at the white table. Jennifer offered my some liquorice from her bag, I happily took it and ignored Ethan's distraught gaze at my face. It was so agitating, I couldn't bare it. Then looking up to see he had disapeared, along with the nearly the rest of the canteen apart from a group of first years and some sixth formers, we all got up and walked to English.

Jerry walked me and Jennifer to the door, then smiled and nodded his way off to Philosophy. Leaving me and Jennifer daydreaming endlessly through English, thinking of absolute nothingness.

After that the day finished rather quickly and unexpectingly. I said my goodbyes to everyone and chatted a little to Nick on the bus, listening to what he was saying but not letting it fully sink in even though I wanted to listen. We said our goodbyes and went inside.

"Hey Amy," I smiled at my sister and waved to see her studdying in the kitchen.

"Oh, hey Ally. Dad isn't home from work yet and mom's about to come home from shopping." She looked up, tucking a piece of hair behind her head.

"Okay, thanks." I smiled and went upstairs, dumping my bag on the floor and falling onto my bed. After snuggling into my covers and flicking my shoes off for a moment, a phone call interupted my deep thoughts.

But it didn't bother me, it was Jerry who called.

The End

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