First day in school(nick)

On my first day back at school I looked around at all the little cliques.They were groups of all kinds,ranging from goth to geek,cool to unpopular.

I spotted ally,she was with some of her friends,i was about to go over to her when one of my other friends called me over.We talked about our holidays and how good they had been.Neither of us wanted to be back.Then i realised i'd been chatting ages and looked again for ally,she was nowhere to be seen.

I went to my first class which was maths.I'd always found maths a little challenging.I wasnt too bad or anything.But when it came to the hard stuff my mind just said not a chance.I spent the entire class bored out of my mind passing notes back and forth between us.The teacher then spotted the note when she turned around.She shouted at me.I was told to go to the principals office.

The principle is an evil person.I've known people who've come out really bad from a session with him for nothing more than being late to class.A note was a big deal when it came to the principle.I was given 3 detentions and an essay to write.I left the principles office in a glum mood and headed back to class.

I was about to knock and go in when the bell rang.I was saved so i decided to head away rather than face the teacher.It was break and i missed ally again.For some reason something stopped me from getting to talk to ally so far today.Ah well,i suppose i better think of how to get my dad to sign my detention slip without being given too much trouble.

The rest of the day went by Really slowly and boring.I finaly got to talk to ally on the bus home.We talked about the holidays even though we both knew about most of it being neighbors.Still it was something to talk about and pass the time.Eventually we go to our stop and got off.When we got off the bus the heat of the sun really hit.It had gotten really hot even though about an hour ago it had been raining.We walked home and said see you later to each other and went into our houses.

Then i had to face my dad.I had decided quick and straight to the point was best.At least he wouldnt be as bad if i hadn't kept it from him for ages or something.He took it surprisingly well.All the better.My step mom was at work,my dad is unemployed.What a day it has been.

The End

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