First Day Back- Ethan

I always hate the first day back at school. We have such a long break, two weeks off from school. Two weeks to sleep in and veg out.

But then we come back, and everything goes downhill from there.

My bad day started when I was startled awake by my mother's frantic voice. "Ethan! Ethan, come down here! It's Falca!"

Falca was my dog. I got her for my thirteenth birthday. She was just a little bundle of black fur that chased me around and stole my socks.

She died that day.

I walked to school by myself, my tears freezing on my face, as I thought about how I would never see her again, her wagging tail and big brown eyes. I nearly turned around and ran home, but something kept me back. I had to go to school today.

My bad day got worse in first period. Miss Rowe's science class. Normally I didn't  mind science, I was fairly good at it.

But she was in that class.

That day we were doing something with chemicals. Miss Rowe put us in groups, and guess who made up my group. Ally and her posse.

I didn't mind Ally's friend Julianna so much, she was smart and kind and seemed to actually want to accomplish something. But the other two...well, Jerry got on my nerves. He was always cracking jokes, and Ally would laugh hysterically.

It was during one of her laughing fits that the 'accident' happened. Jerry was trying to impress her and somehow managed to knock the flask of liquid onto my science book. "Ahh, sorry, Ethan!" he cried, and tried to wipe it up. It was no use though. There was a huge purple stain on my science book. "Well, purple is a lovely color," Jerry said uncertainly, and Ally started crying, tears of laughter pouring down her face. I shot her a sharp glance, made sharper by the pain I was already feeling. She stopped laughing at once, and a sense of grim satisfaction spread through me.

At lunch, the posse sat together as usual. I sat alone, not wanting the presence of others to rip my raw heart anymore. Ally kept glancing back at me. I met each of her glances with a carefully measured gaze, trying to convey all of the pain I felt. I didn't mean any harm, I only wanted somebody- anybody- to know what I felt at that moment.

The End

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