Maybe not so out of place.

The day was looking up, in a weird sort of way. For the first time in a while I was beginning to feel like I had friends. Not just 'smile and pretend your happy' friends....but real ones. Of course Jerry would take some winning over and I was honestly starting to wonder if maybe he didn't like me that much. I shrugged, casting away the negative thought, and continued reading some dull passage in my geography textbook.

Who the hell wants to learn about hills anyway?

At the end of the lesson I sidled over to Ally and Jerry. Ally, of course, immediately beamed at me and I found myself thinking: I want this. I want to be more than just the smart, quiet girl who sits on her own....

I want to be part of something.

And I was, and I was happy. But I couldn't seem to shake this feeling. It was weird but ever since science it'd been like a permanent shadow had fixated itself above Ethan's head. Don't get me wrong, after what happened, I'd've been pissed too, but over something that small...

No-one should be able to hold a grudge that long.


The End

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