Nick Stone(memories of Ally)

Ally prior was a wonderful girl.She was honest and caring.she was one of the best friends you could have,always with a smile on her face and you could always trust her.

It really came as a blow to me to learn that she had died.My first reaction was to not beleive it.I thought it was all some cruel joke.It was a police officer who broke the news to me,they had gone to ally's parents and they said i was a friend so one of them came over to me to tell me,i thought they had all been setting me up.Wanting to see if i'd cry or how i would react.But from the look on their face as they told me i realised they weren't lieing,it was really true.One of my best friends,and she was gone,just like that.I still can't get the thought out of my head.You never really expect someone to die.You always think that they will live a long,happy life,or at least make it to their twenties.Not to be it seems.

I'll always remember her as a good person and a great friend.

The End

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