I stiffled a giggle but then saw Ethan glaring evily and stopped. That was a bad glare, that was an 'I really want to kill you but not literally' glare. I looked up at Miss.Rowe and watched her write on the board. Ignoring the stares from everyone, I knew that this day would just get worse and worse.

At lunch, I sat in the canteen with Jerry and Jennifer happily, Ethan sat alone in the deep, dark corner of the room; continuously mumbling things to himself. I caught his gaze for a split second, then looked back down and nibbled my celery. I know, celery, but I'm addicted. 

I looked up at Jennifer, "What's up with that kid Ethan? He gave me such a bad look today." I asked, pulling the ends of my sleeves up around my hands.

"I don't know but, I saw that stare Ally. It wasn't good." She mumbled, also looking in his direction.

I would try to ignore it for now. But he seemed so very cynical, like he was two faced. He looked very lonely at first, like he needed a friend. But when someone tries to confront him, it's like all he wants is for them to backoff. We all ate in silence after that, until Jerry cracked it with a joke.

"How the heck do you eat celery, you must be a little bit of a rabbit!" he imitated a rabbit, sticking his two front teeth out and making a 'tuting' noise. I laughed happily with Jennifer, but then turning back to Ethan, saw the evil stare again.

The End

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