First Day Back - Jerry

That Science lesson, I think, was the beginning of a series of unfortunate encounters with that kid, Ethan.
It started off well, but by the end I think Ally and I had accidently hurt Ethan.

Just before the bell went, that girl, Julianna, walked up to us, and greeted us. She seemed a bit nervous.
"Mind if I wait with you guys for a bit?" She asked.
Of course Ally welcomed her with open arms, as she does to everyone.
I wasn't all that pleased, Julianna and I never really seemed to connect, and sometimes it felt like she almost looked through me, but I didn't want to appear rude in front of Ally so I nodded as well.
I banged my hands together to keep away the cold.
Suddenly the bell went to tell us to get to our first lesson, which was Science.
Our small trio walked towards our goal, the science lab, Ally and Julianna were chatting about their holiday, as I waited for the perfect moment to slip in a joke.
We arrived outside the science lab, and waited, we weren't allowed to go in unless a member of staff was in there.
All around us, girls were hugging, and shouting their goodbyes, as they went their seperate ways.
I never got why girls hugged so much.
Just as I was pondering this great mystery, Miss Rowe popped her head around the door and invited us in, for our first science lesson of the term.
Everyone rushed in and got seated, in their familiar places.
On my table there was Ally, Julianna, Ethan, who kept himself to himself really, and myself, of course.
The lesson was basically uneventful, until it came to the practical part of the lesson.
We were using this coloured substance, which none of us could pronounce the name of. Miss said that it stains badly so be very very careful. It got a bit out of hand on our table.
Ethan and Julianna were trying to actually get us to work, Ally was rocking back and forth on her chair, crying with laughter at my antics. I took it a little too far and accidently knocked the liquid onto Ethan's book.
"Ahh, sorry Ethan!" I immediatly said. Julianna quickly grabbed a cloth, wiped his book, and picked up the bottle.
 It was too late though. Ethan's book had an absolutely massive purple stain on it.
Ally, stopped laughing, took one glance at Ethan's forever ruined book, and started once more to laugh.
We all stared except Ally.
"Well," I said, "Purple is a lovely colour."
Ally laughed even harder.
After that, Ethan kept throwing Ally and I dirty looks, and worked in silence.
That was the first time I think we really hurt Ethan.

The End

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