First Day Back: Julianna

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at school was the lack of change: the preppy girls still screamed when given the smallest excuse; people still walked increasingly wide circles to avoid getting near to the goths and  the geeks still thought they were smarter than the teachers...

Oh what familiar monotony.

As I walked towards the doors, plunging my hands deeper into my pockets to avoid the biting cold, I saw them. As usual Jerry stood as close to her as he could get, posing yet another joke which was certain to make her laugh. I'm surprised no-one else has commented on the closeness of their relationship, I swear sometimes it would take couple having sex right in the corridor before people would open their eyes. I sighed. Why am I always so cynical on the first day of school?

I walked up to them, brushing away the nervousness that always flutters in my stomach before joining a conversation.


They turned in unision, "Oh hey Juli,"

I smiled, "Mind if I wait with you guys for a bit?" As always Ally smiled and nodded, Jerry seemed a little less keen but nodded all the same. I wondered if he knew how transparent he was...but maybe it was just me.

So we waited outside the school, Jerry the Joker, Ally Prior, and... me, as always feeling ever so slightly out of place.


The End

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