First Day Back

Ally before the death- December

I slowly approached Jerry The Joker, probably my best friend ever. I ran up to him and gave him a huge hug, he hugged me back so it was impossible to breathe.

"It feels like forever, I haven't seen you in ages!" I shouted at him, even though he was capable of hearing me.

"I know! Where 'you been, Loca?!" Loca was a nickname he gave me. I don't know what it meant, but it was quite a cool nickname. I laughed.

"Well you know, everywhere." I smiled and sniggered.

"As you do, you know." everything he said just made me laugh, even his devilish grin. I smiled and we began to walk to school slowly, ignoring time.

"How were your holidays?" he asked me.

"Good thanks, but right now, all I can concentrate on is how cold it is!" I shivered and pulled my jacket tight across my chest.

"Same, you could catch hypothermia out here!" he exclaimed. Finally, we managed to get to school, watching people arrive in cars and vans. 

We watched the geeks snorting at wrong science equations in their books, and listened to the preppy, beautiful girls screaming because they hadn't seen each other in two weeks. Well, even with so many stereotypical losers, this was still probably the best high school you could find in the U.S.

The End

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