Miss Rowe.

She was a bright girl. Sometimes it didn't apear she payed much attention to what I said but she still did well in exams and never had a late homework. Well apart from the day she was killed.

It was the first in her otherwise perfect record, she said she had alot on and hadn't had enough time. She was so apologetic and infact looked slightly drained. She promised me to have it in by the end of the day, I would have let her get away with it but she promised to hand it in before she left.

She never broke her promise. She came to me in my room as I was picking up my keys ready to leave for the day.

"Sorry miss." She handed me the neatly writen page of work.

"It's ok Ally. I admire your effort." I grinned. "Now are you going to tell me why you look so drained today?" I was worried about her is all. I double as the schools councillor and this was so unsusual for Ally.

"Just alot on." She sighed. "I'm sorry miss but I've got to get to the station, my train leaves soon and I cant miss it." 

"Your going alone?" I questioned suspiciously. Even I wouldn't venture there alone by night.

"Miss I really have to go. Sorry I can't go through the work with you."

"No matter Ally." I sighed.

Before I could question her more on going alone she ran out of the door calling "Goodbye."

At the time I laughed. Typical Ally always in a hurry. Now I shake at the thought of my laughter. I could have saved her. I could have made sure she wasn't alone. I could have gone with her to keep her safe, but I didn't. I feel so at fault.  I must have been one of the last to see her. I say one of the last because I know she was murdered. I know who killed her, I saw him with my own eyes.

He was running, in tears, blood stained. I thought he may have been in a fight but I soon saw the glint of a knife and stayed back. It wasn't till the next morning I knew Ally had been killed and conected the dots. I couldn't have shown myself and I cant tell anyone what I saw. They would find out where I was. Nobody could know what I had been doing when I saw him.

I cry into my coffee and pray another saw him so Ally's murderer could be brought to justice. I got an ominous feeling however that only I witnessed anything. I cant, I cant let anyone know about what I was doing at the time. Each silent second killed me a little more. Memories of Ally flooded through me, my concious yells to tell the truth. My sence tells me to keep my mouth closed. Closed it must stay, It Must.

The End

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