Those Eyes

Looking back, I don't know why I did it.

At the time, it seemed like I knew...She was beautiful, popular, smart...she was the kind of person that people just naturally gravitate towards, the kind of person you want to impress just to see her smile.

The kind of person I wasn't.

She'd always gotten on my nerves, just sort of seemed to rub me the wrong way. We didn't talk much, but when we did, it always ended with an awkward silence, a sad smile, and she would walk away, leaving me alone.

The idea came to me one day, after another of those awkward conversations. This could be the last time...

I'd planned it all out so carefully. Nothing could have gone wrong. But that day, the day I planned to kill Ally Prior, my mother stopped me going down the stairs. "Ethan?" She'd said. "Be careful today. I love you."

I was shaken. Did she know? But I'd nodded, smiled, and kissed her cheek, before going out the door, where I would wait at the subway station for Ally Prior, alone.

I will never forget that moment. Holding a knife to her throat, staring into those wide and pleading eyes. I wanted to stop. I couldn';t do this. But I was powerless. The knife had a mind of its own. And I slit Ally Prior's throat.

Sanding there, as her blood pooled around my black Converse sneakers, I didn't know what I could do. So I ran. And all the while, those eyes followed me.

The End

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