When Death Starts Running, and Life Walks Away

Ally Prior will die in a subway station on January the 18th by a murderer. No-one will be able to stop it, but they'll be able to try and find out how it happened. Hopefully, a few might.

I don't know how long I've been waiting. Waiting for what you ask? Well I don't know, things can be ridiculous sometimes . People laugh at you, people hate you, but do they really know that person on the inside, do they really know who you are? Do they know who they are?

I ask myself that question sometimes. Some people are just different, they don't belong in this world even though they do. It sounds cruel, and it sounds selfish...but they're about to ruin everything.

Like a life. And a soul.  Those two things that are closely linked may be slightly insignificant to some, but to others they are fragile, delicate things that can easily be broken.  

A little bit like my death.

So by the time you read this, I'll already be dead. Yep, me, Ally Prior, death all the way. And no-one will be able to stop it. Not even the person who killed me. So when you read this, I hope you have an open, free mind about people. There's only one rule I want you to hear, the rest is pointless.

You shouldn't hold a knife to someone, unless you're really going to kill them.

The End

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