Whats your flaw?

everyone has a flaw, whats yours?

In this day and age, it isn’t possible not to have a flaw. Let’s face it we all have them, but what’s the difference between a flaw and a generally bad person?

Flaws are basically defined as things about something or rather someone, it’s our way of saying we still love that thing/person yet aren’t ignorant enough to forget their annoying factors. But why is it that in today’s society the flaws always appear to outweigh the positive concepts.

i guess my greatest flaw would be my ability to dig myself into deep holes using the worst thing that god or evolution (which ever you believe in) gave us, vocal cords. We say the wrong thing and it leads to the worst consequences. Wouldn’t the world be simpler if we all communicated a different way? I’m guessing no. Without communication sure the world would be simpler but it would also be lonely and what’s the point of existing without those contributing concepts: loved ones.

BD xx   

The End

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