What We Don't Like to See

This exercise will pose as a conglomeration of things we don't like to see in writing. We're not attacking anyone personally, but this is a chance to unleash the grammar prude/picky reader in you, so that people can use this work to see examples of what *not* to do.

Have a cliched plot point that you hate to see?  A pet peeve grammatical error that gets your goat every time?  Maybe you don't like a certain kind of character.  Here's your chance to [politely] complain about it on a non-personal level.  This work is to help people have a reference for things that they may choose to avoid in their writing after realizing that some readers may not like to see it.  

Please provide a description of the writing aspect that you dislike as well as an original example or perhaps a better alternative.  Something to keep in mind is that, if you are providing an example of the device that you don't like, don't quote someone else's work as the example or mention anyone else's name.  No cursing, please.  And everyone's opinions should, as always, be taken with a grain of salt.  So let's begin!

I'll start off by saying that I am bugged when I see people consistently failing to make the proper distinction between you're/your and there/they're/their and it's/its and... yeah.  You get the idea.  Call me a grammar prude if you like, but I value the proper usage of these words pretty highly and am much more likely to keep reading a work if I see that someone has a hold of these common pitfalls.  

Here's an example of the wrong way to do it:
Your going to there party, aren't you?  Its going to be awesome.

That made me cringe just typing it.  But let me make it clear that I'm not judging anyone who commonly makes these mistakes.  I'm just providing my opinion on the matter.  The following is a corrected version of the statement:
You're going to their party, aren't you?  It's going to be awesome.

Nothing gets me to take a writer more seriously than noticing that they understand and value proper grammar.

The End

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