You know what?

I know teachers are VERY important

they teach us important crap

and all that nonsense

but really, why must they be so strict?

I want to listen to music while i write down the crap you assigned me!

I want to take a break from your tough paper and have some fun

I cant sit in this desk all day you know

an hour isn't long enough for lunch

and that whole "You need to go to the bathroom?

Well Too bad you shoulda went at lunch" nonsence?

Yeah like i can TOTALLY choose when i can take a piss.

Don't you ever just wanna

hit them over the head with your binder?

Not TOO hard. but hard enough so they get the messege.

But what do they expect?

We are kids! we want to go out and have fun with our friends

not be forced to write a 500 page essay on "The Fall of the Roman Empire"

or some crap like that.

I especially hate when you know the right answer

when your asked for an opinion

when your stating your thoughts

when they say "NOPE thats wrong"

Or when they promise somthing, like missing a session of math to go to the gym

But instead lying and saying that you meant at lunch

You lieing old pedo.

We can do that at lunch already

Math isn't all THAT important

Granted neither is most of the crap they push on us

But i guess thats their jobs

and maybe some people stay inspired

But me? I'm just going to plug in my headphones

and listen to music while my head wonders outside the walls

of this constricting boring classroom.

The End

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