What to write..

What to write..i dont know. this all came from the inner workings of my mind :D

:] time to write.


what to write.

what to writeeeeeeeeeeeee

what to writeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i don't know.

Write about a cat? Named Kevin?

Kevin IS a cat.

He likes his Hat


a cat in a hat?


i saw a cat in a hat.

he got hitten.

poor cat in the hat :(


back on topic

i need somthing to write about.

WAIT! how about...wait..naw that's already a movie.

Hmm. should i write about a girl?

or is that too cliche.

Maybe i'll just write about puppies..

i like puppies.

Wait, maybe i'l write about what to write about

That hasn't been done before.

Lets write about that!

The End

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