What to do?

just getting something off my chest

We parted because you were immature and never around.

I packed your stuff up and you were gone, I was obviously upset we were engaged and I love you. I know this as normally I would be over you within a couple of days, my coping mechanisms have not worked. I let you come round to "do things" we agreed no strings I thought I could do it I normally can (I know that makes me sound sluttish, I have only ever been with 6 people). After the first time yes I though I could do it, though now since we cuddled and seen you so hurt from a scuffle I remember that I love you and now I don t want to tell you because then I wont get to see or talk to you. Maybe I am just missing being with someone and loving someone but I am not so sure, I think it's just you. Now I am sat here thinking too much, wishing  could have a storybook romance. 

The End

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