What People Are Like

Nobody ever pays attention to that kid in the corner. But he's there, alright. He's there, watching you, just hoping that he might be seen, discovered, saved.

Nobody ever becomes friends with the 'ugly' girl. But no one knows how she handles it, either.

Nobody ever thinks of what others think of what they say. But they hear the words in all the hurtful ways you could imagine them.

Nobody ever feels anything more than pity for the teenager who attempted suicide. But she's getting tired of the pity and being treated like a glass ornament.

Nobody ever bothers to think about how rude they were to their parents. But those parents do think about it - and it hurts them. 

Nobody bothers to think about anyone but themselves. But everybody can feel something, and that something is real. It needs attention from someone, someone.

Nobody really cares anymore, but we all plough on.

The End

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