Weeding the Desk

Snip, snip and pull – every time I pass I take something with me and bin it or home it. So far I’ve found four nice pens, some lost fairies and a large pair of scissors that I needed earlier but couldn’t find and had to make do with nail scissors. So, I think I can see the roots from here; this time I’ll be adding weed-killer to get to the heart of the problem – me.

I must find a home for photographs and old negatives, but that means cleaning out the craft cupboard too. Wait a minute…the desk has drawers! What’s in them? Jewellery junk, printer cartridges, tarot cards, old and nasty bill-letters-thingy-stuff SHUT YOUR EARS. Actually, I think two of them are empty…and, there’s another desk in the living room with empty drawers. I need to move stuff into those places. I don’t dare touch the bureau; that would take days to sort out.

Weeding means you have to pay attention to detail and not pull up the good stuff or kill your roses – I do have roses around here somewhere. I’ve been yearning to sit at the desk all week; there will be lots to do at the scanner so I should be over there in my wheelie chair…and when I’m in poetry mode I want to sit at a desk and scribble in a pad. So, I will switch on my head to sort out this mess, flick on that little light and focus on clearing that space for me, the orchid... and then I can bloom.

So, I’ve done mountain-climbing and weeding metaphors – what next?


The End

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