What Is There To Understand?

Can you be sure of anything anymore? Can you be sure that the dreams you've had all your life are the wrong dreams,that lead you to something possibly bad. We all want to become something 'better' than what we are in this experiance,but even if we are told it's 'better' should we really believe it? Do you know what to believe? What to recognise as a fact? No one truly has an answer for every question,because the only fact that has been proven to me is that no one fully understands us,are we are us. But we aren't. We believe we are,but then again is believing a good thing or a bad thing? You don't know,I don't know. Some will say it depends on what you believe in but people have different opinions so who's to say what is good to believe in or what is bad?

So we are born into this place,not fully understanding ourselves. Could this be a projection,an illusion, a dream or do we put it down to being real? But then again how do you know what real is if you don't know who you are or what you are?

So many questions for generations will be unanswered and brought up in conversations from time to time but you'll end up going round in pointless circles,longing for an answer you may never find. It depends what you think is real,what you think of life and your output because what you put out there will come back around to get you. So why not send something positive out,see what you get back because let's face it,we all just want a happy long life in experiancing as much as we can out of this world before we go.


The End

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