Lazin' AroundMature

Dear Bluejay,

I've noticed you're being a bit lazy today, aren't you? Oh wait, scrap that, you're ALWAYS lazy!!! Seriously, you need to pick up the pace on your revision there. And lay off the chemistry a bit, you're so worried about having two different unit exams after the other that you're forgetting biology, physics and english language. If you fail english language I will kill you, I mean you want to establish yourself as a novelist right? If that's the case you're not going to get far if you get a poxy B or C. We're aiming for the A's here! And are you looking forward to going to France? No. Yeah I can empathize with yourself there. The day your aunts remember their kids aren't in a baby pageant and are just kids, they'll realise they're the childish ones by deciding to fight. One of them is turning your cousins into acne balloons and the other is turning your cousin into a skeleton. They are BOTH bad parents, but you won't do anything about it. That's okay, I wouldn't either.

Anyway stop typing and start revising you rascal :D

From the one that hates yourself,


The End

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