What is there to Say?Mature

I will always write here when I have either lost the inspiration to write for a story I write or participate in, when I'm just plain bored and when I feel like emptying the feelings that I suppress (because I'm rubbish at just hiding them)

Dear Me,

What are you doing with yourself! Stop living life in the limbo between fantasy and reality and just get on with your bloody life! Lets face it, you're not doing yourself favours by getting emotionally attached to people who have recently turned (in your perspective) quite harsh.

The same thing happened to a test-of-time kind of friend Hannah (the names are changed) who, round about year 9 just slipped from your grasp I guess. Her personality changed for the worse, the looks she gave, the way she said things. You still cared about her so you would even feel guilty about getting angry over the hurt she would make you feel. Now after a pathetic little cry out, you two are back on track, she's becoming nicer, her old self again, and I'm sure you'll trust yourself to truly love her like you did before.

And now its Jo who makes your stomach twist every time she is (potentially, unintentionally) mean. How does it feel to be treated like you're a dumb-ass who has no brain or feelings Blake? Crap, I know. I'm you. But what does she know, not much about this particular situation I guess. And is it true? You once told me that simply the love is the single sustenance you need to write. I assume that is the case right now. You seem to demand so much attention from your friends, whether it's because your parents only show an interest in your grades or because you've never had a romantic relationship or... Well, you tell me.

You've been quite lazy today haven't you? Eating skittles, playing games and watching soppy romance novels on TV. You're such a wuss. Why don't you just grow up and start doing the things you've already talked about doing, huh?! Because you're a stupid coward, that's why. Because you're too scared of finding only more hardship and dislike towards you, because the higher you reach in any talent, the harder you end up tumbling. I pity you Blake. I honestly do. Hope you sort your life out soon,

Sincerely, yourself.

The End

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