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London. The star player of the local University Rugby team is tired of all the attention he's getting both good and bad. He decides to go to a bar for a drink and to unwind. There he meets a guy who plans on majoring in psychology though no one knows the secret he's tried hard to hide. After a few drinks the two become fast friends and much more......


I sighed softly, my sharp green eyes following the movements of the Universities Rugby team. Everyday since they had started their practices, I had made it apart of my schedule to stop by and watch. Yes, I enjoyed sports, but even more I like watching the star player of the team. His name was Harvey Thompson, most guys in the school envied him. At only twenty-one he was on his way to becoming a pro Rugby player, with graceful yet strong and precise movements. 

Smiling I just returned to my novel that I was writing. As an art minor it was our job to write and publish a book, though I knew mine would be under a pen name. How could I live with myself if Harvey found that book. If he knew the fluttery feelings that knotted my stomach into thick cords. As Harvey scored, I grinned broadly, looking back at the paper to review what I wrote for my interlude. 


Dear Reader of my Tale, 

If only he believed in love at first sight. I know that I did, of course who would believe silly Daniel when it came to love. Most people said that "our kind" wasn't welcome anywhere. That we were demons or rejects that God had never wanted, people fighting back and forth over the issue. One side saying that we need equal rights, the other saying that we didn't deserve rights at all. 

Still confused? No, I'm not a vampire, I don't sparkle in the daylight. I'm not a guy who can tear off his shirt, look sexy, and become a werewolf; flashing my canines at my tormentors. Sure maybe life would be easier if I were something supernatural, but I'm not. I'm just a twenty year old kid going to London University studying to be a psychology major. My name's Daniel Lee Wolf and I'm just different. 

Does that shock you? Surprise you? Maybe even scare you? Sure that's reaction most of us get alot...trust me, I'm used to it. Of course when I moved for the third time to go to the University, I stayed out of the public eye. All the signs written in the bathrooms and rumors let me know just how I would be dealt with if people knew what I was. And let's just say they wouldn't invite me over for some beer and fries. 


I nodded, the first few paragraphs were good, maybe not fully edited but I liked them. As I tugged my hair off to the side a small whimper passed my lips, the boys were leaving and going to get changed out of their sweaty, dirt stained jerseys. I blinked a few more times and shut my book, tucking it in my bag and turning to leave. It would be only a ten minute walk to a small bar that served my favorite beer. 

Who knows...maybe I'd meet someone else, someone to take my mind off of the Rugby star and all his glory. I knew that it would never be, after all, what popular guy who has it all want with me? He had a parade of women to pleasure him like all the other straight men. I didn't mind that, it was Harvey's choice. I just wished he's notice me, talk to me, maybe we could be friends...but in my heart I knew that was only a far gone hope.  Pressing the Bar's door open, I took a seat and ordered a beer. Letting the cool frothy drink rush down my throat and tickle my insides. 

The End

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