What Is Love?

This is basically a scene/short story based on a song called What is Love? by NeverShoutNever.

What is Love? [NeverShoutNever]

I walked through the front door, to hear my parents shouting above the television. Again. I sighed and ran up stairs, on the way to my room. I stopped by at my sister's room, but Sarah was reading with her iPod in. I could here the music from where I was standing, across the room. She gave me a sad smile, and I returned it. There was no point in comforting her - we both knew that it wouldn't be okay, so there was no pointing in lying to ourselves.

I went into my room and opened the window, then grabbed my iPod and clambered out. I sat on the roof with my legs dangling over the edge, the plugged myself in. Now I could be alone. Well, nearly - I could still vaguely hear them fighting. I glanced out on the horizon, where the sun was setting, casting yellow and pink rays across the sky. I was just starting to relax when I heard a door slam. I wonder who's stormed out out this time? I thought. I climbed back up through my window and crept to my door. I peeked out and saw my mother crying on the stairs. I felt my heart twang in sadness; I hated seeing my mum like this. I would have gone out to see her, but I knew from experience that that was not a good idea. I walked back and sat on my bed unsure of what to do. I had to keep my head up, that's for sure.

There was a knock on my door, "Chris?" I frowned. Something must be up. "Chrich, can I come in?" My mum called through the wood. I opened the door, and immediantly felt another twand on sadness as I saw the red rims around her eyes, and red snuffly nose. I put my arm round her and sat her on the bed.

"What's up mum?" I asked. Mum started crying. I pulled her into a hug, and tried to calm her down. She would tell me when she's ready.

"Y--Your... Dad and I... are getting... a divorce.... Sorry, Chris..." She stuttered. I said nothing and carried on hugging her, but all sorts of thoughts were swirling around in my head. Where would I stay? What about Sarah? How would she take it? Where would she stay? My parents had been together for over 20 years. Nothing bad had happened until recently. What is love?

The End

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