Love is... (LeahJH)

Many Thoughts...

Love is pain, suffering, an agony
Love is life, a tale, your history
Love may wonder as it wanders
In and out of hearts
But what we do with such a love
Is still to be discovered

His arms around me, late at night
Chasing away the horrible fright
The light in his eyes
When he sees my face
Mirroring my expression
When I see his

The ring on my finger
The child in my belly
The delighted smile
When my knees turn to jelly
I don't pretend to know
But this love that we show
The best kind of guess, I find
A love that engulfs your mind
It twists and tugs my heart
Like the best kind of art
What is love?
Question it not
Just live it and experience
The love and its simple thought

Though we wonder what it is
We still feel its sharp feeling 
The love in our hearts may sting
Pang, thrash, and beat us on 
But what more could our hearts do?
It is feeling, and it is wonderful
Who could ask for anything more?  

The End

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