Love Is - Lys

In the style of Eminem's song "If I Had"

Love, by Lys Eden

What is love?

Love is like the cascade of morning dew

Like the salt for your gaping wounds

New linen for the malnourished Jew

Love is like the demure breeze

Travelling delicately to appease

The glitter of the sea

Love is the paradox of oyster pearls

A ballet dancer's twirls

Affections of a cats curls

Love is an unexpected aberration

Dismissive of complications

A guardian of revelations

Love is the discovery of hope

The bond of a grope

Beauty in a deep throat

But love is also the sting of red plush

Nausea and a head rush

Limbs feeling bust

Love can bring a sense of confusion

Demons feel the intrusion

A cynical illusion

Love can crush your hope

Cause dependence on dope

Suicide without the rope

Love can make your heart wrench

Inability to amend

No hand to lend

Love can pick off the flesh

Leave you at a strangers undressed

Leave you emotionally vacant and depressed


The End

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