Love is (Cat_Monty)

What is love?

Love is brilliant and horrible at the same time. It's the one thing you've been searching for and the one thing that can destroy you.

When you find someone you love you will give everything to spend minutes with them and then when their gone, you feel it. Not just in the empty space but inside. When you find someone you love and truly relax and be yourself with them, they become a part of that self. And you never want that half to disappear, it's so vital to your being and so irreplaceable should it go.

Love at first sight doesn't exist in my opinion, and personally I think it's better that way. Getting to know someone, slowly letting down your guard and realising you've discovered this mysterious thing called “love” is a beautiful journey. Finding someone you can be bubbly happy with, openly sad with. Someone who will follow you through the bad stuff, and accept when they themselves haven't helped any situation.

Having that first fight matters, because if you get through it, that means you'll get through any to come. Don't be afraid to speak your mind if something’s not right between you. Love grows stronger when the bad has passed.

But to answer your question simply,

Love is you.

Your the one who chooses someone, and when that person reciprocates your the one that pushes it further and deeper, just as your the one who can decide it's too scary and hard and run away. Love only exist if you let it. The other person matters of course. But if you start a relationship thinking it'll never work, it won't.

So have some faith in your instincts, love is something everyone can find. It's not easy, it's never simple, nor is it perfect. But really that's the best part. Because at the end of a bad day, you can look back at your memories. Because amongst the normal deary day-to-day ones, they will be amazing ones filled with love.

The End

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