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What is love for you? Be creative as much as you want, you can write a poem, descriptive piece. Anything that will explain one simple thing - "What is love?" Try to answer what is love for you. Personally.

Anyone welcome, please don't be afraid to join! =)

Do you know what is love? Is probably the most hard question to answer. But here's my attempt.

So, what is love?

When someone shows you the beauty in places you couldn't find any. In yourself. The only thing you could see was darkness, but now because of your soul mate's halo light, you start to see positives.

When you smile just when you think about them because they give you strength to go on and be yourself against the society.

When even if you feel the lowest of the low, you can smile because you get unexpected message from that special person and your heart starts beating fast. And you think "maybe I CAN make it, maybe I will get through this."

When you imagine being without the person you love, the only thing you can see is terrifying darkness. And feeling that emptiness, most hated feeling I ever encountered.

When you are happy about your mistakes from the past because it made you meet that one person you truly love. You look at those errors and even though they costed you a lot of pain, you know without them you might of never met your soul mate.

When you want their happiness more than your own. You are willing to do even insane, silly things - just to see them smiling with that smile that you would give anything to see every single day when waking up.

When they make you expand your horizons. Make you try something new, but not pressure you into it; just help you to get there.

When you find yourself feeling emotions you never knew even existed. Or that they could be so much powerful. You feel like never before, the feeling that cannot be put in words.

When you see yourself in that special someone. When they fill in your empty places in your soul. And you do the same back.

For me, that is love.

What is the love for you?


Anyone can join this exercise. Just as the title of the page put "Love Is... - *insert your username*

The End

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