What images or thoughts come into your mind when someone asks how old are you? What do the words young and old mean to you?

The image of an arduous, diligent woman taking on the duties of being a mother, friend, wife, daughter, doctor, servant, sister, role-model, volunteer, chef, life-saver, companion, lover, care-taker, provider, and leader comes into my mind. The thoughts of how such a woman masters and conquers these duties and roles come into my mind. I picture myself at every age from today, fulfilling these duties at each age until they accumulate at a specific age in which I’ll have to embrace serving every role. There comes a point in life where we are overwhelmed with responsibilities and requirements, but persevering with quality effort makes these duties not half bad, almost enjoyable, due to the rewards that come with overcoming life’s intensities. How old am I? I am as old as my body is, as it ages with time. How young am I? I am as young and youthful as my mind is, as it grows and expands with knowledge and wisdom. The younger, the healthier. The younger I am, the healthier my mind is, the more knowledge my mind gains and has the capacity to gain. To me, young means new. Being young is being new and showing that newness and change is okay. That’s why those who answer the question “how old are you?” with a number, without thinking about the use of the word “old” are so used to question, thus proving that they are, in fact, old. They are so used to the question because it is old, redundant, meaningless; the complete opposite of new. If the question “how young are you?” was asked, a person with understanding of the word young would reply with wit, cleverness, not a number, but a description. This person would reply with newness, because the question is new, and the young one would answer qualitatively.  All in all, young and old are complete opposites. They define life experiences. They define state of mind. “How old are you?” Translation: “What past life experiences have you gone through to mold you into the person you are today?” “How young are you?” Translation: “What does your mind possess when thinking of the future in terms of change, blossoming youthful newness?” I am not young and I am not old. I am as young as I feel and I am as old as my entitlement is to be myself.

The End

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