What I wake up for.

Simple, everybody wakes up for different purposes, and I would like to see what gets YOU up every morning. Feel free to be as poetic or simple as you feel like being. Just remember to have fun with this. :)

Everyone has their own reason for seeing the light of the morning. Some know that they may not make it back as they are going off to serve their country. Some feel that they need to help others in their time of need. As self-centered as it sounds, I wake up for her.

I wake up each morning and take my shower knowing that when I get out I will get a call on my cell phone with her voice officially greeting me into the new day. I go out of my way to make sure that she has a smile on her face at least once during the day because knowing that she is happy creates all the joy I could ever need. The sound of her laughter makes me want to shed tears of joy and only god above knows what I would do to hear that sound for as long as I live.

I would give up anything to see my girlfriend happy because no material has the same value as the love that she has bequeathed unto me. Each night before I go to bed, those three words assure me that I will be able to close my eyes and awaken into another day where I may see her smile. I love you, and now my meaning is drawn out before my eyes.

The End

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